The Happiest Place on Earth

October 08, 2015

This year we were lucky enough to have a Fall Break from school and decided to take the kids down to Disney World.  We visited three parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom & the Disney Movie Studios.  The kids have been previously but they really don't remember much especially the girls.  All three were beyond excited and couldn't sleep the night before we left.  Every detail thrilled them from the castle(Does Cinderella REALLY live there?), the ferry, the monorail, the treats, fireworks, parades, etc.  There was a new adventure around every corner.  Thankfully, the parks were not horribly crowded.  It was humid, hot and we got rained on one day but we did not let the weather slow our roll.  John and Ally are serious thrill seekers.  With the exception of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, they rode every roller coaster multiple times.  Ally rode Space Mountain and Tower of Terror for the first time.  John was able to ride his first upside down roller coaster--Rock 'n' Rollercoaster staring Aerosmith. Can anyone tell me how Aerosmith got a ride at Hollywood Studios?  It just seems like a weird fit.  Mariella was not as into the thrill rides as her siblings.  She did get on Thunder Mountain even after some tears while we were in line.  Little M was much happier on rides like Peter Pans Flight and Winnie the Pooh.   Other highlights included meeting Ariel, Pluto, Donald and Tinker Bell.  Mariella was VERY enamored with Tink.  Guess who M wants to be for Halloween?  Unfortunately we did not meet Elsa and Anna(sniff) BUT we did get a great seat for their show at the Movie Studios.  We also got to see the Electrical Parade! That was a huge favorite of mine as a child and I was really happy we got to see it.

As for picture taking, I took around 200 shots.  Not too bad right?  I know most people opt out of taking their big cameras at parks like Disney.  I didn't think twice.  I don't know when we will go to Disney again and it is so important to me that they have the physical memories of being there.  I want to be able to flip through a alblum and talk about the trip with them 10 years from now.  Yes it rained & I kept on shooting.  My camera stayed mostly dry with the help of a ziploc bag and a poncho.  Yes I took my camera out of the bag on a few rides because I HAD to capture some of those smiles.  Here are just a few of my favorite moments.  

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