The Perfect Tree

December 03, 2015

Guys this tradition makes me a little giddy.  The kids are getting to the age where they remember stuff and what we did to make our holidays "ours."   Now they are not going to remember those silly Shopkins or that they got a iPad when they were seven. However they will remember that every year we went out to a tree farm and looked for the perfect tree.   In a couple years, John will be old enough to use the saw and help dad out.  I envision them in their 20's or older, maybe talking about the holidays to a significant other and this is the stuff they will recall and treasure.  Hopefully they will even continue some of our traditions with their own little ones.  That gives me goosebumps and means so very much to me.  The memory making is what makes this time of year important and special.

We went to Bottoms Tree Farm to find the most perfect lovely tree.  The kids skipped about and pondered their options.  When they found the one...John stated, "Yup Santa is going to leave LOTS of presents under her."  Mariella hugged the tree and said, "Mama, I WUV her!.  She is SOOOO bootiful!"  Reed was excited that there were some of the farms employees taking the trees from the field back to the cars on a golf cart.  John thought it was funny to hail them down like a hitch hiker.  We roasted marshmellows and checked out some horses also.  It was a beautiful night.  She (the tree & I have no idea why we refer to it as a her) is our biggest, most gorgeous tree yet.