Roughing it...sort of

June 05, 2015

I've never been camping before.  It's just not something our family did growing up for vacation.  I grew up in South Florida and we either went to Disney or the beach.  Sleeping outside without AC was something you did only if a hurricane blew through.  My husband on the other hand did camp as a kid and had mentioned on numerous occasions that he really wanted to take our kids.  A girlfriend mentioned to me that she found a campsite on Lake Lanier and was planning on taking her family.  Lake Lanier is about 15 miles from our home and she described it as "camping light."  I decided I would take one for the team and go camping.  I really wanted my kids to have the experience and told myself it wouldn't be that bad.  I have to truly say we had a really fun time.  We did not sleep well but much fun was had building up to the sweaty, non-sleeping night. The campsite is called Shady Grove and is right on Lake Lanier.  We basically had our own private little beach! The site is probably 5 miles from a highway and I'm sure there was a Starbucks even closer.   There were bathrooms nearby and it was close enough to home that we could abandon ship if need be.  The kids got to cook hot dogs on sticks & make s'mores on a fire.  They also lit sparklers and danced to Taylor Swift till 11 pm.  Will I do it again?  Probably. I'd like to find a cabin with AC preferably but I am sure I'll find my self in that tent the fall.