Going to the Train Museum

August 21, 2015

While the bigs started school two weeks ago,  Mariella has to wait for her big day till September.   I decided the two of us needed to use this time to do some fun activities.  Before I know it, she will be in school full time & I don't want to spend our one on one time running errands and other boring stuff.  Mostly its simple stuff like going to the playground and pool but a few days ago we visited the Southeastern Railway Museum with a friend.  We have been going to the museum since John was two and everyone still loves it.   There are rows of old buses, trains, and automobiles for all to explore.  There are also two train rides.

I wish I had take more photos but honestly I felt rotten this day.  On top of that, it was SMOKING hot.  Old trains and buses can be seriously steamy in that August heat.  Luckily we found a big fan to help cool us off:-)  I'll go have to go back in the fall.