Friday Night Lights

September 07, 2015

High school football is a big deal around here.  We've heard that our home school puts on a fun event that is family friendly.  With John becoming more interested in football, we decided to head over to a game.  The stadium was packed with students, parents and families with younger kids like us. We had to stand outside the stadium for about 10 minutes due to the threat of a lightning storm (which did not happen).  The kids spent the time doing some people watching and they were in awe of the high school kids.  When the game finally started. our girls were not that impressed, even with the cheerleaders & cotton candy.  Ally thinks she is in a teenager and just wanted to look around for friends.  The game was too crowded for Mariella and she was VERY concerned we wouldn't find our car in the dark.  

John LOVED the whole experience.  He just took in all in and was very happy.  The best and my most favorite part was watching my guys bond.  They sat side by side and talked about the game the whole time.  It was one of those moments.  They are headed back next Friday and us girls are going to watch a girlie movie at home:-)  

Just in case you are wondering...the Longhorns won.