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Dog Wash

July 29, 2015

This summer we have been focused on getting the kids to do more chores.  Partly for my sanity but also they are ready to take on more responsibilities around the house.  They do things like take out the trash, laundry (load the washer/dryer & sort clothes), set the table, pick up toys, etc.  They really don't seem to mind for the most part.  I think they feel proud and like helping out.  One day I got the idea that they could help give Maggie a bath.  I got her wet and then handed over the soap, hose, & stood back with my camera.  It started off really well but when Ally got a hold of the hose...well she got EVERYTHING wet.  She pointed it at me but smart girl knew not to get me and more importantly my camera wet.  Anyway, I'm petty sure Mags did not enjoy they mayhem & didn't get clean either.