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Snow Day

January 23, 2016

Oh snow days...so much excitement and you just don't live up to the hype.  Over night we got a light dusting of "snow."  It wasn't even enough to have a proper snow ball fight unfortunately.  BUT happily early this morning snow did begin to come down again!   It was quite windy and I wasn't sure if it was new snow falling or just the original snow getting blown about.  Anyway, the kids had mixed feeling about it.  Ally was the most excited about the snow.  She REALLY wanted a snowball fight or a snow man, something.  Mariella was amazed it was snowing on a day other than Christmas.  She did not like it when her sister threw snow at her.  John poked around for a bit but wasn't too impressed.  It was FREEZING and windy....we southerners only played outside for 10 minutes before running in to hot chocolate.