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Eloise at the Carlsons-Cumming, ga family lifestyle photographer

November 01, 2016

About a month ago we brought home Eloise, a sweet little lab mix pup that we adopted from a local rescue.  For about two years, John has been asking us for a puppy but I was very firm about this not happening.  I had two reasons.  One is that I am the one who is home the most and frankly I did not want the extra work.  John was adamant that he would help but I wasn't buying it.  I am still not sure how he got me to agree. I guess I just got tired of saying no.   I have to give props to John, that after a month's time, he is very helpful with Eloise.  He adores playing with her and also feeds and cleans up after her too.  Nine seems to be a really good age for kids to get a puppy.  He really understands the responsibility and takes her care quite seriously.  

The second reason I didn't want a puppy was because of Maggie.  She is 12 years old and I didn't know how she would react to the new pup.  She is such a sweet dog, very good with our kids and also VERY stubborn.  Would she be jealous or get along with the new dog?  I felt bad rocking her boat.  For the most part, I think she likes Eloise.  Maggie is on a 20 hour sleep schedule which makes Eloise's constant desire for play a bit annoying.  At least she seems a bit annoyed to me when this pup is egging her on at 6 am.  Maggie does play with Eloise.  They run and roll around in the back yard....and Maggie often limps away.  It's actually funny seeing Maggie lay the smack down.

Eloise is such a sweet, docile little lady.  She listens really well and is now doing great with potty training.  Aside from running after Maggie, she likes to play a wild game of keep away with the kids.  Girlfriend can run.  John tells me, "Eloise sure can juke mom!" HA!  I think everyone is adjusting really well to our new family member. The kids adore her and I like her too...at least most of the time:-)