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Baby Number Five -- Suwanee, GA Lifestyle family photographer

August 07, 2016

Mommy and I met four years ago when our second babies were three and enrolled in a gymnastics class together.  We bonded in the waiting room, talking about diapers, feeding, who slept well last night, etc.  I feel so lucky that we have stayed friends even after the gymnastics lessons have ended.  Mommy is such a kind, loving soul and I just adore talking to her about life and family.  Mom and Dad graciously welcomed me to their busy home on day 7 of their new babe's life.  I had a great time with this fun crew.  While mom tended to baby, the bigs showed me around the house.  We read books, sang some songs, there was a little jumping on beds and a certain two year old belted her very best version of "Let it Go."   Oh, and little Miss Teagan, who is two, stole my heart.  She is so sassy and full of life.  She generally gives me a stink face but this day we bonded over play time.  I loved making her laugh and seeing her moods change from one minute to the next.  By the time I left she let me carry her around.  I wanted to stick her in my camera bag and take her home.  Teagan and all the kids, LOVE their new baby.  They love to smell her and hold her.  I saw no jealously ...just sweet love for their newest sister.  Welcome to the world baby Laine.