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Things I said often in NYC, Times Square & the Subway

July 16, 2018

When we were in New York, there were two things I found my self saying very often to my kids.  First was, "This isn't Disney World...there is no bathroom for you to use right now."  No sooner did we leave our hotel or a restaurant, did these kids need to use the bathroom.  We spent 4 days in NYC and they never seemed to quite figure this one out.  

The second thing I said repeatedly & this is was directed at my youngest mostly was, "STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING!"     There wasn't a subway pole she didn't full body hug, a rail at the Empire State Building she didn't rest her head on, or a garbage can she didn't lean against.  If you ask her what her favorite part of our trip was, she will likely say "the spinning doors."  She wanted to go through and push EVERY SINGLE ONE. Most of these doors you can just walk through...you don't have to actually touch them.  It was like visiting NYC with Buddy the Elf.  

No sooner would I tell her to stop touching everything would she put her hands in her mouth.  sigh.  

You know in "Elf" when Buddy picks the chewed gum off the subway signs?  Ok, well she didn't do THAT, but here are two things she did do that will gross you out.  We are using the restrooms in Rockefeller Center, she is in the stall next to me and I see her little hand pick up toilet paper from THE FLOOR.

Me: Why are you picking that toilet paper up? 

Her: I don't have any toilet paper. 

Lord give me strength and heavy duty hand sanitizer.  

Second story...We are getting in a cab to leave for the airport and she drops her beloved blankie on a SUBWAY GRATE. 

Reed: BAG IT! Don't touch it again till we get home.

Her: Der is sumtin brown on my bankie. I tink its chocolate.

Me: We can only hope. 

Good news is we are pretty sure she is now immune to everything including SARS, Ebola and the Plague.

Any who...we stayed in Times Square at the Marriott Marquis.  We had a fantastic view from our hotel window.  We thought this was a great central location and the kids would love seeing the lights of Times Square.  

What we did not account for is the crowds which were a little nerve wracking.   There were a lot of interesting people to say the least.  My kids asked things like, "Why is that grandma only in her underpants?" & "Why is everyone selling something?"  

Most of these next photos were taken our second day in the city at about 8 am in Times Square.  We got up and decided to grab a coffee and walk around the area when it was not overrun with people.  american flag by monica carlson posted on the Click Pro Daily Pramerican flag by monica carlson posted on the Click Pro Daily Pr

While we drank our coffee & walked around, John noticed a NYPD officer nearby with a police dog.  He asked me if he could pet the dog but I didn't think that was a good idea.  This was a bomb sniffing dog...let's let him do his job and not distract him.  But when he noticed someone else approach the officer and his dog there was no holding him back.  Well he got to pet the dog and the pooch gave him a couple big wet ones.  I think that's how they check for explosives. 

A big highlight of this trip was riding the subway.  Their favorite part of riding the subway was looking for rats while they waited for the train.  If they spotted one they would scream, "POOCHIE!!!" and laugh hysterically.  If you've ever seen the Minion Movie you will understand.  My kids really have never ridden public transportation.  I think it's the first time it dawned on them that not everyone gets shuttled around in a mini van.  It was very interesting to watch their face while they stood and sat next to strangers on the train.  They truly embraced the experience and I think they felt a sense of freedom

We were lucky enough to get to see the Lion King on Broadway.  It was gorgeous and breathtaking. I cried tears of joy cause that's what I do at Broadway shows.  It's just that beautiful. Everyone enjoyed the show even John who cringed at seeing a musical.  The only musical he has ever willingly watched is the "Greatest Showman" cause Wolverine is in it.  But he loved the Lion King.  He sat on the edge of his seat and enjoyed every minute.  Just as an FYI, if you visit the Minskoff Theater, they put the slushies and wine in the same kind of plastic Lion King cup.  It would be very easy for the drinks to be confused but that didn't happen to us.  No eleven year olds taking sips of wine on our trip.   

If you are still reading along, THANK YOU!  More NYC adventures to come.