The Front Steps Project - Alpharetta Family Photographer

March 22, 2020

**UPDATE 4/29**

please contact me if you are interested in scheduling here  

How are you doing?  Me?  Meh.  The uncertainty of it all gets me down but the Carlson's are making the best of it just like everyone else.  

I felt a little glimmer of joy and hope when I friend sent me this news story about #thefrontstepsproject which was started by photographer Cara Soulia in Needham, MA.  I knew immediately that I needed to do it here in Alpharetta, GA.  As a photographer, I am use to spending hours with families capturing the joy of daily life and I miss doing that. Yet even in these unprecedented times, I know those moments are still happening & they should be remembered.

I have decided to join #thefrontstepsproject here in Alpharetta.  The purpose of the project is to bring us together when we might feel isolated.  I hope to highlight the families in our community during this period where we might not see them out and about.  Participating in this project also gives the opportunity to give back to those who are most in need in our community.  

Here is how "Front Step Portraits" are going to work.

  • These will be five minutes sessions outside your home.  
  • I will email you a digital file of your portrait
  • I ask that you make a good faith donation to Meals by Grace

I will be taking these images ONLY outside you home and from 6- 10 feet away.  I will text you when I arrive and meet you outside.  How should you dress?   This isn't your typical not feel like you have to dress up.  or maybe its a good excuse to get out of your lounge wear!  Do you want this photo to truly represent your family during these days?  Come on out in your pajamas!  Kids in mismatched clothes?  OK by me.  About to go for a bike ride?  Lets take a family photo of that! Just be you!  

Shoot me a message here and we will plan your Front Steps Session!  

PS I am trying to stay in the Alpharetta area but please contact me as I know a lot of photogs are joining the project.  I can defintley put you in touch with one in your area

new family of four sitting on their front porch and the young boy is making a funny faceoneill family by monica carlson photography