Strawberry Picking 2021 Edition - Washington Farms

May 29, 2021

Like most things in 2020, COVID ruined our annual tradition of strawberry picking.  We were so happy to back at it this year and the picking was VERY good.  There were SOOO many could smell them as you pick.  It took us about 20 minutes to pick 3 gallons.  We visited Washington Farms in Bogart.  Its a bit out of the way if you live in the Alpharetta area but totally worth the drive.  The staff is very friendly and have I mentioned the strawberries are GOOD!  Oh and they have home made strawberry ice cream!  Perfect way to cool off after picking your strawberries.  Another reason we like this farm is that it feels less busy.  We've had to wait to pick at other local farms and that just isn't the experience we enjoy.

What are we making with our berries?  Well strawberry shortcake, ice cream, smoothies...I like to use them in yogurt parfait and of course strawberry margaritas!  Feels like summer. 

PS I think this would be such a fun activity for a family session!  If you agree send me a message.  Strawberries will only be availble for a few more weeks!

girl examining freshly picked strawberries at Washington Farmsberries by monica carlson photography happy girl carries straberries she just picked by monica carlsonberries by monica carlson photography smiling girl picks strawberries on a sunny day in bogart, gaberries by monica carlson photography hand of a child picking a strawberryberries by monica carlson photography girl proudly hold up a strawberry she just pickedberries by monica carlson photography girl holding up a half full bucket of freshly picked strawberriesberries by monica carlson photography girl picks strawberries and a reflection is seen in her glasses by monica carlsonberries by monica carlson photography young  girl carries two gallon baskets full of just picked strawberries at Wahington Farmsberries by monica carlson photography two gallon baskets of strawberries held up by a young girlberries by monica carlson photography Gallon of freshly picked strawberries seen from aboveberries by monica carlson photography freshly picked georgia strawberry in the berry juice stained hand of a child by monica carlson photographyberries by monica carlson photography teen boy picks strawberries with his father on a sunny day at Washington Farms in Bogart, GAberries by monica carlson photography