Davis Family - Alpharetta Family Photographer - Garrard Landing Park

May 18, 2022

These boys...they were wild but you know what?  I love wild.  To me wild & completely unpredictable equals authentic images that make my and hopefully my clients heart sing.   Kids can be so adorable and easy going one minute, and the next minute they turn that charm off completely.  Does your kids typically smile for you all day long until you put them in front of a camera, then they freeze up like a deer in headlights. No one wants pictures of their kids with gritted teeth and bug-eyed forced smiles.  With these boys, I just let them be themselves.  I engaged them by asking them about their interests and playing games.  In between all the running around and crazy boy-ness we captured them just being themselves.  

Here are few other things some you can do to help your session run well and produce beautiful images. 

1. When you sign up for a session with me, I ask you to fill out a questionnaire.  Here I'll ask you to tell me about your kids likes and interest.  Make a list of things that your child thinks are funny and include that in your responses. This way, I can be prepared and add these things into our bag of tricks. It will give us something to talk to them about, and will help them forget they’re in front of the camera.

2. Think of things or phrases at home that evoke the best smiles from your child. Pretty please avoid “Say cheese!” or the dreaded "Show me your real smile." 

3. Try out a couple of jokes with them before picture day. During the session, I can ask them to tell us a joke and this will typically loosen them up as they tell it to us.

4. If there is a song that your child loves, load it up to your phone and bring it along with you, or be prepared to sing it for them during the session.

5. Bring a snack.  Hangry kids are cranky kids.  I don't necessarily like to bribe kids because they get too focused on the thing they are trying to earn and won't relax.  I do like to keep them happy and if they need a snack by all means lets feed them.  Just try to keep it a neat snack.  No one wants chocolate smeared on their kids faces and clothes in their family photos.  

If you are interested in scheduling a session contact me by email or click here to check out my offerings and schedule.