Candid Child Photography - Barrington Hall - Roswell Family Photography

June 04, 2022

If your child doesn’t like sitting still or posing for the camera, have no worries. I can still get great photos of the little rascal. Honestly I prefer them to be hyped up.  About 97% of the time, I prefer candid shots instead of the posed ones.  I think these are the images where your families personalities shine through.  What is more boring than a photo of a kid, sitting still, staring into the camera with a forced smile?  I want us to move and have fun at our session. 

When children don’t want to cooperate, we as photographers jump to plan B. It is our job to create situations where you child can relax and candidly bring out their personalities.  I have a bag of tricks to keep kids and parents having fun.  Here are a few of my favorite activities for sessions.

Sneak attack

Ring around the Rosie

Run under the tunnel

Lets go for a walk

How high can you jump?

How fast can you run?


Red light/Green Light

Just to name a few!  Don't worry if your kid isn't a energizer bunny.  I also talk ALOT!  I use the answers on your questionnaire to engage your child in conversation.  This really helps shy kids feel seen and special.     

Take a look at the video and see if you can guess which games we played. 

spring mini sessionFamily of four sits in the stairs at Barrington Hall with their dog