Hobson Home Lifestyle Photo Session - Roswell Family Photography

July 18, 2023

Home sessions, Gah, I love them so much!  There is something special about in-home family photography sessions. Over the years I have captured families in different seasons of life & these lifestyle sessions at home are certainly one of my favorite. While there’s nothing as stunning as a fall golden hour session, there’s something about a snuggle-fest home family photography sessions that make them my fav. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a session like this for your next family photos!


Got kiddos & a hubby that is not into posing for the camera? Chances are they will be the happiest and most natural in their own home. I love photographing parents with their babies in nursery and bedrooms, dads wrestling with their boys in the living room, mom making cookies in the kitchen.  Your home is your safe space, and that alone can help you relax more in photos...we can even pour some wine. Being in a space you’re accustomed to gives you the freedom to let loose in ways you might not in a traditional photo session. Whether it’s including your beloved pet or snuggling on your bed.  Being in an intimate space can make a significant difference on your stress load. PLUS, no extra worries about traffic, commute time, being late, etc.!


Another way to make your session special is to incorporate interests such as cooking or making slime! Turning on your favorite music and dancing is also a great way to showcase your personalities. 


Location and outfit changes can complicate things when it comes to a traditional photo session (think: backseat clothing switch). Not only do you have your entire wardrobe at your disposal at home but these changes are no issue. We can save time, have privacy and wardrobe options (although I do recommend selecting your outfits in advance). The same can be said for backdrop changes.  During your in-home session, we can utilize different rooms and spaces, creating a wide array of photo opportunities. 


Lifestyle photography at home eliminates the pressure that comes with people watching at public spaces.  There is also the stress of your child having a meltdown in public.  If you are at home, who cares?  Also you will have your entire bag of tricks at your disposal.  Favorite snacks, lovies or rocking chairs, etc. will be at your finger tips.  


Rescheduling for bad weather is a bummer and complicated!  Sometimes it’s cold, too hot (hello summer in Atlanta) or it’s raining cats and dogs, and the last thing you want to do is go outside. Or you don’t want to worry about having to reschedule because of weather. Why not skip that stress and do an indoor session instead?


I generally like to schedule sessions at sunset.  This is often tough for families.  BUT with a in home session, I will happily book in the middle of the day. This type of session definitely offers a lot of flexibility


Did I convince you?  I really love this type of session and I think most families will to.  I am currently booking through the end of the year.  Click HERE to schedule your home session!  Or feel free to shoor me a email if you have any questions!