What NOT to Wear to your Senior Session - Alpharetta Senior Photographer

August 02, 2023

Planning your Senior Session and your not quite sure what to wear?  That is the BIG question that I get from almost every client.   Here are a few tips I always give my Senior clients.  

My top tip is mostly for the ladies.  In case no one else has said it, you do not need to wear sexy clothes to be beautiful.  I know short and tight is all the rage BUT these are your Senior portraits.  You are not Livy Dunn and this is not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit session.  We are capturing a huge milestone in your life & when you look back at these images you do not want to think, "Where the actual hell is my clothes!"  Also those images are going to be seen your friends and family.  Do you want Grandma to be wondering if you are wearing undies?    

Before your session, I encourage Seniors to show their parents & myself what you’re hoping to wear. If its short with lots of cleavage...I’m going to tell you its a bad idea. From a photographers point of view, its challenging to pose a young woman in a modest way if she is wearing a short skirt or low cut top.  When I have been in the situation in the past, I spend a lot of time having my subject adjust their clothes so well I don't see their underwear.  You know what happens then?  They feel uncomfortable and that is 100% the opposite of what I am going for.  Parents, if you’re having a hard time putting your foot down on an outfit your daughter has chosen for her session? Leave it up to me, I don't mind having this conversation with them.  Also please know that I will not pose your daughter like a pin up.  I will only present images that are appropriate and timeless. 

Now that I covered the big don't, here are a few Dos
Have an activity that you are passionate about?  Maybe you are in the band or run track...bring your tuba or your uniform to the session.  
Consider the weather.  Don't wear a fur coat if its hot out.  You'll hate life and it will show.  
Bring your Cap and Gown and/or your college shirt.
I personally like outfits for Senior portraits that do not distract from the face and do not become dated too quickly.  Wear something that let's your personality shine through because that is the WHOLE point of these sessions.  Senior photos capture a moment in time that can be looked back on and cherished for years to come. They are a way to commemorate the end of a chapter in one's life, and they can be shared with friends and family.