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little girl holding her parents handslittle girl sits in front of a red door at Barrington hallhappy little girl sitting in the frame of a brick houseblack and white portrait of a girl in Roswell, GAman and wife holding hand in front of a brick building by monica carlsontender moment with a grandfather and his granddaughter on the porch of Barrington Hall by monica carlson photographyfamily sitting together on the porch of a historic home in Roswell, GAfather and daughter lovingly sit together in a gardenhappy little girl in a grassy arealittle girl spinning in roswell, GA during a family photo sessionback lit image of a girl spinning on the grounds of barrington hall by monica carlsonmother tenderly running her hands through her daughters brown hairlittle girl snuggling her mother outside Barrington halllittle girl runs to her parents who are standing in front of a wooden smoke house in Roswellfamily of three portrait in front of a wooden structure on the Barrington Hall property by monica carlson photography