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girl pushing a revolving door at the marriott marquis in NYCgirl waiting for the right of way while leaning on a garbage can in front of the Flatiron buildingLittle girl leaning against a light pole on the streets of New york by monica carlson photographygirl pouting and leaning against a light pole in Times  Squaregirl and her sister excitedly taking their first ride on NYC subwayView of Times Square from a window in the Marriott Marquisgirl looking out a window of the Marriott Marquis over TImes SquareFather and three kids walking through times square early in the morningthree kids taking in the scenes of Time Squarethree siblings standing in front of a electronic american flag that is in times squareGirls drinking starbucks while looking around times squareboy relaxing while drinking starbucks in  times square while police stand in the distance behind himpolice dog jumps up and kisses boy while in Times square by monica carlsonpolice dog licks a boy on the face in times squarefather walks hand in hand with his daughters in times squareman with sun glasses on waits to cross the street in Times SquareLittle girl tourist takes a photo in Times squarefamily descends the stairs to the subway at the port authority stationfather and son look over a subway map by monica carlsonlittle girl waits to get a subway ticket