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family of five laughing together on a pation in roswell during a photo sessionportrait of three brother by monica carlsonthree brothers laughing together on the patio of a historic hometoothless litlle boy laughs so hard he lays downmiddle school boy running through a grape leaf tunnel at Barrington Hallyoung boy shares eskimo kisses with his mother during a photo sessionBack lit image of a mother pushes the hair from her sons face in a garden in Roswell by monica carlsonmothe hugs her happy tween son from behindmother shares a laugh with her three sons in front of a azelea bushsprintime image of a family walking by azeleas bushes with historic barrington hall in the back groundPortrait of a laughing boy in front on a red door by monica carlsonBlack and white image of a boy who is missing his front toothlaughing elementary aged boy sitting in front of the red door on the ice house at Barrington HallSmirking young boy sitting in a dorrframe during a family photo sessionBlack and white image of a boy in deep thought by monica carlsontween boy smiles for the camera while sitting in front of a red door in Roswell, GAback lit image of a tween boy at Barrington Hall by monica carlson photographyhappy married couple smile at each other during a family photo sessionfather snuggles his three sons on a blanket in roswell, GAfather and his sons sitting together on the lawn at barrington hall