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high school senior leaning against a brinck wall at Barrington hall.teenage girl with a one year old sister looking at each otherblack and white portrait of a teenager by monica carlsonlittle girl clinging to her mothers leg while clutching a stuffed giraffetiny girl's hands clutching a stuffed giraffeportrait of a high school senior at Barrington hall by monica carlson photographya teenage girl whose hair inn blowing in the wind with grass behind her in Roswell, GAlittle girl stand in a green space at Barrington hall by monica carlson photographyportrait of a one year old taken during a family photo sessionHappy one year old sitting on a stool with a brick building behind her and she is clutching a giraffe toyblack and white portrait of a one year oldlittle girl standing on the porch of Barrington hall in Roswell, gayoung girl squatting on the porch at Barrington hallmother snuggling her baby during a family photo session with Monica Carlsonfamily of four standing in front of a wooden building in historic Roswell by Monica carlsonone year old girl posing in front of a historic wooden building