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family laughing on their front porch togetherfamily walking in a flower field at Prospect farmslittle boy searching for a toy in a his playroom in marietta, GAthree teen/tween siblings laughing together while sitting in a fielda couple having a good laugh while they relax in their home in Milton, GAmarietta newborn photo sessionsmiling little girl in beautiful golden lightFamily of six outside the greenhouse at West Milford Farmlittle girl consoling her newborn sister on a bed at homeAfrican american family of six walking together at Vickery MillNewborn being held by her mom while sitting in a bed with dad and two dogsgrandfather and his grand daughter sitting on the steps at Barrington HallAfrican american family walking down the street in duluth, GAlittle girl walking down a path holding a umbrella under a rainbowLarge extended family laughing togetheryoung boy on his fathers shoulders at Caney creek preservegirl having a tea party in her home in atlantaone year old girl sitting in her cribgirl sitting regally on a chair at milford family farm by monica carlson photographyThree siblings kick water in a creek at garrard landing park