Spring Mini Sessions 2024 - Alpharetta Family Photographer

February 06, 2024

Here is a unpopular opinion...spring is THE best time for a outdoor family photo session! Do you usually start thinking about family photos around Fall?  I do love fall foliage yet there is something magical about Spring.  Why you ask? Keep reading and I'll explain why spring rules. Maybe you'll even join team SPRING! 

My top reason?  The best part of Spring family photo sessions is that you can expect way fewer crowds than in Fall.  I love getting to a location and no one else is there! This does not happen often in the fall.  Literally I've shown up to location in October and there will be crowds of people trying to get photos taken.  The spring is a hidden gem for this reason.  Is your crew shy and not interested in being the center of attention?  Definitely go with a Spring session.  Even better do the session on a weeknight!   

Next reason?  Life is SOOOO busy in the fall.  Between school starting, homecoming, fall sports, the holidays....everyone's schedule is PACKED!  Spring just tends to be less busy.  Its easier to get a session on your schedule and keep it there!  Take something off your to do list in the Fall and plan your session in the spring!

Spring colors are to DIE FOR!  Flowers are in bloom and grass is the most perfect shade of green!  Pictures in the spring just scream happy happy joy joy!  There are so many locations with beautiful gardens or even entire fields of wildflowers.  You can't find that in the fall.  

Lastly there is the weather!  Wedged right between cold winters and brutally hot summers of Atlanta is gorgeous spring! By the time those last weeks of Winter rolling in, we are CRAVING time with Mother Nature. The excitement that comes with Spring is something!  Those happy mood translates into family fun moments. 

Do I have you convinced?  I have a TWO mini sessions planned this spring:  Barrington Hall and West Milford Farm.  If your crew needs more than 15 minutes to warm up for pictures or you just like more variety in your gallery consider a petite or full session. Not sure?  Send me a message and we can chat.  

Click HERE to get all the details on a Spring Session!