West Milford Farm - Spring Mini Sessions 2024 - Alpharetta Family Photographer

February 21, 2024

I hate to pick favorite but here goes....I love this location and it might just be my FAVORITE.  What you may ask do you love about it?  Well let me count the ways.  There is the gorgeous reclaimed wood greenhouse for starters.  I love how the sun sets just behind it and makes the space glow.  I love that only two photographers can sign up to use the property a hour.  That privacy is priceless in my mind.  Nothing is worse that having to fight for a spot during a session. This location primarily serves as a wedding venue and they do not make the greenhouse available to photogs on the weekends.  Again to me is a huge perk especially if your kiddos are shy.  
The wide open spaces and rolling hills are jaw dropping.  There is a wooden tree swing that screams childhood.  In the spring a summer, they plant zinnias and wildflower...oh my.  Finally, did I mention the sunset?  That golden light against tall grass, the greenhouse or flowers is heart melting. I gush and you will too!  

Guess what?  I am offering super, duper limited mini sessions this spring at West Milford Farms greenhouse.   Take a second to scroll through the images below and you'll be convinced that its heaven and you won't want to miss out.

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